OneDay Counseling seeks to provide holistic counseling: Mind, body and spirit are all treated with care. OneDay views your belief system as a major part of who you are.


At OneDay, while we hold a Christian worldview, we welcome all individuals, regardless of your background or worldview. We will seek to respect and accept you just as you are. 


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First and foremost, I’m married to a beautiful, God-fearing woman, with whom the Lord has greatly blessed me. God has used my wife to make me the man I am today, and to continue to help me grow.  My wife and I are what you may call foodies. We love cooking and experimenting with new dishes.  A relaxing evening for us entails cooking a good meal together.  

I was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. My parents have been married for 50 years, and I am the youngest of four boys as well as an identical twin. I was raised in a Christian household and attended church regularly growing up, but didn’t become a Christian until my mid-20s. I attended the University of South Carolina for my undergraduate degree in psychology (2001) and, after working for two years for the South Carolina Department of Mental Health, decided to pursue advanced degrees in counseling. I hold a master’s degree from Auburn University (2007) and a doctor’s degree from the University of Virginia (2010), both in counseling. I’m also a licensed professional counselor in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Session Lengths & Rates

Insurance is not accepted.  Fees are as follow, for which cash, checks, or credit cards are accepted (a 2.7% fee will be added for either credit or debit cards). OneDay’s fee are competitive with the fees of local Charlottesville counselors. 

NOTE:  Counseling services provided outside of Charlottesville will reflect the competitive fees of the local professionals in that area.

Individual counseling fee

  • 60 minute counseling sessions are between $90 to $110 on a sliding scale.

NOTE:  First session for individual counseling is scheduled for 75 minutes for the Initial Intake Assessment.  

Couples/Family counseling fee

  • 75 minute counseling sessions are between $120 and $140 on a sliding scale.

  • 90 minute counseling sessions are between $145 and $165 on a sliding scale.

NOTE:   Couples and families are recommended to schedule either 75 or 90 minute sessions given more time is often needed during couples/family counseling sessions. 



We seek to serve local pastors by freeing them up from counseling duties, allowing them to focus more of their time, energy and talent in other ways. Not all churches have a counselor on staff, so we come alongside the leadership team of a church and help care for their congregation.

In serving those who are a part of a local church, we believe in a “treatment team” approach. The elders of a church are responsible for the care and shepherding of their people, so it’s best for them to be involved in the treatment process. We provide church leaders with a Pastoral Waiver Form so they can have individuals fill it out prior to meeting with a OneDay counselor. The Waiver Form is signed by the counselee giving the OneDay counselor permission to engage with you in a treatment team approach.  This allows elders to make contact with the counselor in order to check in on the member of their flock. In turn this ensures that the elders are part of the treatment team and know how individuals are being cared for at OneDay.

If you have questions about how OneDay Counseling can be of resource to your church please do not hesitate to contact the counseling center.